Projects and co-productions

As a stable institution we are aware of our responsibility towards the dance scene in Sweden, and we acknowledge and respect the independent scene as a source of inspiration and creativity. We collaborate with the freelance scene and aim to be as a springboard for the experimental stage, nationally and internationally. We invite freelance choreographers to work with our dancers in workshops, and during the past years we have engaged several freelance dancers to be in our repertoire and to tour with us. Since we honor a variety of perspectives, we strive to interact with our audiences. We arrange festivals, seminars, lectures and activities outside the theater and create other artistic platforms and productions such as the conferences Postdance and Postdancing with MDT Stockholm and DOCH Stockholm, the dance festival LABO in Stockholm, we arrange community projects like Dancing with our neighbours, and educational projects like school performances and workshops in our studios at Riksteatern, Hallunda.

More information on our projects and co-productions below.

The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom (1989/2019), work by Deborah Hay

Deborah Hay created The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom in 1989, dancing the piece herself. “Deborah Hay makes simplicity eloquent in her three-part solo”, said The New York Times the same year. For Hay, wisdom becomes the tangible experience of well-being within the ordinary world.

In the frame of the RE-perspective Deborah Hay: Works from 1968 to the present at Tanz im August 2019, Hay restaged her work with Cullberg’s dancer Eva Mohn. The trilogy is comprised of The Navigator, The Gardener and The Aviator.

2019-2021 Deborah Hay is associated artist at Cullberg, creating two works for the company. First out was Hay’s iconic piece The Match (2004) with four Cullberg dancers that premiered at Tanz im August. In October 2019 The Match and The Man Who Grow Common In Wisdom will be presented together at Dansens Hus, Stockholm.

The Man Who Grew Common in Wisdom
Choreography: Deborah Hay
Dancer: Eva Mohn
Original costume for The Gardener and The Aviator: Susan Norwood
Costume made by: Skrädderikompaniet LiLaRo, Stockholm
Coach: Chrysa Parkinson/Ros Warby

Co-produced by: Cullberg, Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer and DHDC Deborah Hay Dance Company. In collaboration with Sophiensæle in Berlin.

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