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In-house – the Cullberg dancers present their own works

The Cullberg dancers once again present their own works at MDT in Stockholm. Choreographers: Alexandra Campbell, Adam Schütt, Andrea Martini, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Shumpei Nemoto, Johanna Lindh and Isaac Spencer.

Dancer: Alexandra Campbell
Film: LAJI – Alexandra Campbell, Lisa Holmqvist, Jeanette Steinsland
Music: Juvelen Make U Move
Duration: 4 minutes

I multiply on a hill
Creator/dancer: Andrea Martini
Photo/video: Yoav Barel
Music: A Silver Mt. Zion
Duration: 7 minutes (on repeat)

Art work: Gesine Moog

I started this work at the beginning of February this year not knowing what it would become. Without any aim or time pressure I followed intuitively, step by step, the process, and I immersed myself in observing, listening and following it. From carving, printing, painting, spacing into the passe-partout and finally framing them, it has become the end of October. In this time a series of small pictures, which are able to be seen from all sides, have developed, and the process has fulfilled me with a lot of pleasure and richness of impression. I am very happy and grateful that I can share them with you today and in the same time to close this circle of creation.

For men only
Choreographer: Andrea Martini
Dancers: Adam Schütt, Mirko Guido, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Isaac Spencer, Csongor Szabó and Kristóf Várnagy
Music: Samira Said, Harold Budd, Andrea Martini
Lighting design: Nette Karlsson
Make-up: Jessica Krage and Caroline Thörnqvist under the supervision of Olle Johansson.
Duration: approx 15 minutes

Performed by three dancers who usually work in different styles. The piece explores the way to approach movement from different perspectives, researching a common place, with its own style, by the dancers sharing choreographic movement but still retaining their individuality.

Choreographer: Shumpei Nemoto
Dancers: Alexander Dam, Markus Bertilsson Almqvist and Shumpei Nemoto
Music: Alva Noto
Lighting design: Nette Karlsson
Duration: 8 minutes

Nobody’s Serviant
Total musikalisk expressionism möter total fysik. En musikalisk superhybrid mellan Örjan Högberg från Fläskkvartetten på el-fiol och Johan Skugge från No Science på synt som tillsammans står inför sitt första skivsläpp med Nobody’s Serviant. Nu smyger de igång på MDT tillsammans med Cullbergdansarna Johanna Lindh och Isaac Spencer och dans- och musikverket Nobody’s Serviant.

Choreographers and dancers: Johanna Lindh and Isaac Spencer
Music: Örjan Högberg and Johan Skugge
Lighting design: Nette Karlsson
Duration: 10 minutes

Modal Phenom
….the dancers make and listen to sound and are motivated by the enjoyment of hearing, the sensation it produces – the tingling feeling of hearing something you have never heard before, the excitement of a place you have never experienced before. Adam Schütt, 2011

The ear
The hair cell that picks up the sound in the ear
Explanatory pictures
One hair cells twitching to a beat

Modal Phenom playfully explores a complex system of games that involve recognition, denial, call and response, expectation, and the unexpected. Created in collaboration with three dancers, the work builds a movement language and a spontaneous sound score simultaneously, with the incorporation of handmade musical instruments and electronic sound manipulation.

Concept: Adam Schütt
Dance and sound: Adam Scühtt, Daniel Sjökvist, Isaac Spencer, Patricia Vázquez
Costume design, instruments and lighting concept: Adam Schütt
Duration: 25 minutes

I’ll believe in anything
Choreographer and dancer: Hanako Hoshimi-Caines
Guitar intro by Plants and Animals
Lighting design: Nette Karlsson
Voice: Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church speaking at Troy Davis’ funeral. The state of Georgia shamefully executed Troy Davis on September 21, 2011 despite serious doubts about his guilt.
Duration: 10 minutes