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Benjamin Pohlig


Birthplace: Berlin, Germany, 1986

Benjamin Pohlig is a choreographer, dancer and researcher originally from Berlin. He studied both in England, at the Rambert School of Dance and Trinity Laban, for his Bachelor and Master, as well as at P.A.R.T.S. in Belgium. In his work, he explores the theatre as an agora, a place in which social and political behaviors are not only practiced, but are also experienced physically. This concept appears across his works, including the participatory solo dance yourself clean (2013) and his collaborations 5 seasons (2016) and A Farewell to Flesh (2017). As a dancer, he has worked with Martin Nachbar, Isabelle Schad, Grayson Millwood and Zoë Knights, as well as internationally with Pierre Droulers and Renan Martins. As a researcher he continues to investigate both the concept of social choreography and how to speak about climate change through dance. Benjamin joined Cullberg in the autumn of 2019.