3 x Birgit

Jubilee Performance with free admission. Our celebration gift to the audience!

During 2017, Cullbergbaletten celebrates 50 years of ground breaking contemporary dance. The jubilee final takes place at Södra Teatern 20-21 May when three of the dancers present their own works, inspired by the company founder Birgit Cullberg’s life and work. The unique pieces have been choosen by a jury with Mats Ek, Ana Laguna, Cristina Caprioli, Stina Nyberg and Jefta van Dinther. The performances at Södra Teatern are Cullbergbaletten’s birthday gift to the audience. The admission is free, first come, first served!

Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Saturday 20 May at 19:00 and Sunday 21 May at 16:00.

Det kändes som det var min
By Eva Mohn
Det kändes som det var min is a collaborative dance sourced and composed from memories, impressions, fragments and poetry of a dancers processes and experiences. We interviewed two dancers, Siv Ander and Karin Thulin, who worked with Cullberg Ballet from it’s inception in 1967. In the interviews they shared their stories, their histories, their memories of dances, and dance experiences. From this material we developed a dance built from the memories, stories and fantasies of our predecesors, as well as revealing and sharing our own. We did this as a way to honor a great story teller and women of fantasy, Birgit Cullberg. This is our way of using dance as story, poetry, and fantasi, and building a choreography that feels like it is our own: “just like this, exactly like this, like this.”

Dance and music: Eva Mohn, Eszter Czédulás, Eleanor Campbell
Musician: Erik Nilsson
Set design: Eva Mohn, Mirko Guido
Lighting design: Mirko Guido

By Daniel Sjökvist
In his new piece Momen, Daniel Sjökvist is inspired by Birgit Cullberg’s Romeo and Juliet. Sergei Prokofiev’s famous music is deconstructed.

Dancers: Katie Jacobson, Ninna Oom, Patricia Saliba
Lighting design and rehearsal director: Thomas Zamolo
Sound design: Camille Prieux

Re: Birgit
Av Adam Schütt
Watching the labour of exquisite dancing and hearing that subject expressing sincere and personal statements and questions, seems to me an extension of Birgit’s legacy. Is choreography just physical labour? How many narratives can be expressed by the body at the same time? What happens when I reenact Birgit’s work and express my own view at the same time? – Adam Schütt

With: Adam Schütt, Anand Bolder, Samuel Draper, Vincent Van der Plas
Lighting design: Adam Schütt
Set design: Gian Monti, Felix Breitholtz and Nytorgsverkstaden
Choreographic assistant: Mirko Guido


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