Negro con Flores

by Johan Inger

Johan Inger was the artistic director of Cullberg Ballet from 2003 to 2008. As a choreographer he has created numerous prominent works and his Negro con Flores was a huge success when it premiered in the autumn of 2005. Johan Inger is the recipient of many awards.

”Negro con Flores exists in a landscape between darkness and light, levity and gravity. It progresses through a formation of moods with the goal of breaking loose, moving on. This piece is an attempt to deviate from the path I know and by doing so, hopefully find new beginnings.”  (Johan Inger, 2005)

Duration 35 minutes

World premiere 4 November 2005, Dansens Hus Stockholm, Sweden

Press cutting

“But it is in Negro con Flores that he surprises us with a new approach. Something of the cocky leaps and lifts of street dancers feature in this work, which swings between tenderness and brutality.”

Expressen 05.11.2006


: Johan Inger

Set & Costumes: Johan Inger

Music: Stefan Levin (composed for Cullberg Ballet)

Violin Solo: Jan Stigmer

Lighting Design: Erik Berglund

The movements are mixed with an edginess reminiscent of slapstick or cartoons, the dance around a bouquet of roses in particular has comic force and features surprising elements. Inger exploits the Cullberg dancers’ unique combination of technique and drama.

Göteborgs-Posten 06.11.2005

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