Plateau Effect

by Jefta van Dinther

Press cuttings

Dagens Nyheter:
“Brutal, brilliant and thrilling by Cullberg Ballet.””…a puzzling and intelligent ballet with a brilliant final.””The long beginning is purely fabulous. Vertiginous, mysteriously beautiful, providing examples of Jefta van Dinther’s choreographic trademark: the ability to, from a nearly simple concreteness, create an as intelligent as sensual associatively flow of movement.”

“Cullberg Ballet makes Plateau Effect a flowing and genuine ensemble work.””When one dancer finally manages to break out from the collective and release herself from the thing’s metamorphosis, you know that the end is near. Still, the final is as surprising as adorably brilliant.”

“…a beautiful and intelligent stage experience.”

Sveriges Radio P1, Kulturnytt:

“…visual and beautiful.”

“During the world premiere of Van Dinther’s newest creation, nine dancers construct three wondrous worlds.”

“Hallucinatory, never shown before, it seems to be a film that we are looking at.”

“… it is a soft, smooth, seductive world. When the dancers finally walk upright again, they are totally transformed, creatures from another planet. Infinite energy vibrates through their undulating bodies, the generated heat streaming towards the audience. An audience that now, alas, has to leave Van Dinther’s universe.”

“…delightfully beautiful.”

Dans Magazine:
“Jefta van Dinther (SE/NL) creates an overwhelming world for the international Cullberg Ballet (Stockholm) where dance, materials, sound and light each play an equal role. The force and the effort of the dancers, in interplay with the materials, generates beautiful images on the stage. The plateau effect is felt, and certainly not uninteresting.”

“Van Dinther and Cullberg Ballet show that both the “experiment” as well as the installation go well together on the big stage.”

In autumn 2011 Cullberg Ballet performed Jefta van Dinther’s The Way Things Go at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. The choreographed chain of causes and effects, which had its world première in 2009, was a great success in Sweden, and van Dinther was acclaimed for his inventive choreography. Now, van Dinther creates a new piece specifically for Cullberg Ballet, this time for large venues, featuring nine of the Cullberg Ballet dancers. Plateau Effect had its world premiere in the summer of 2013 in Amsterdam.<b

In his new performance Jefta van Dinther seeks to disorient and challenge the viewer with a layering of choreography, light, sound and set. See-sawing between the dancers and their activities on one hand, and the materials they interact with on the other, a ‘choreography of matter’ emerges. Rudimentary elements merge and unravel into startling grandeur, where the raw reality of materiality flips into a psychedelic space of exception. In the intersection between matter-of-fact and make-belief Plateau Effect puts to tests our ability to transgress the here and now.

In Plateau Effect, the dancers resemble a community that is constantly on the move in an unsettled progression through various terrains. Communicating, transporting, constructing and inhabiting turns into choreography as they unite them in a joint effort to create more than one person can alone. Through body and voice, through sound, light and materials, this force of alliances directs and redirects towards and away from the audience. Immersed in the sonic landscape of David Kiers, with lighting design of Minna Tiikkainen and scenography by SIMKA, the performance races through a sequence of laborious productions, vibrating and unstoppable.
“With Plateau Effect, I want to continue my research in the areas of perception”, says van Dinther. “I want the body, light and sound to quite literally extend and reach out to the spectators, with directness and without a need for interpretation. I want to cultivate and promote a space where an audience can spend time with the things they do not recognize. The title Plateau Effect refers to a temporary state of stable productivity, in which a levelling out occurs. ”

Plateau Effect (2013)
With nine dancers in Cullberg Ballet.
Duration approximately 60 minutes, no intermission.
World premiere in the summer of 2013.

Press cuttings for The Way Things Go

“You don’t want to miss a single second of this vivid dance mobile…”
“Jefta van Dinther and Cullberg Ballet create a successful meeting that you immediately want to relive.”
– Anna Ångström, Svenska Dagbladet

“It is fascinating how much Jefta van Dinther – and the Cullberg Ballet dancers – manage to extract from a fairly simple choreographic concept about causes and effects.”
“Jefta van Dinther seems to be an unusual and hot talent.”
– Örjan Abrahamsson, Dagens Nyheter

Plateau Effect part one (19:18)
Composer: David Kiers
Inspired by the original song “Friday Night” by Chinawoman.
Vocals: Sigridur Kristjansdottir
Interpretation of lyrics : Jefta van Dinhter

Plateau Effect part two (24:16)
Composer: David Kiers

Plateau Effect part three (19:14)
Composer: David Kiers


Watch a video interview with choreographer Jefta van Dinther here.


: Jefta van Dinther

Sound design: David Kiers

Set design: SIMKA

Lighting designer: Minna Tiikkainen

Rehearsal director & Assistant to the Choreographer: Thomas Zamolo

Artistic advisors: Frédéric Gies, Kristine Slettevold & Robert Steijn

Everything melts together to a poetic universe of vibrating energies in an interaction between charge and discharge.

Svenska Dagbladet

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