Reproduction (2015)

by Eszter Salamon

In the history of dance the communication between dancer and audience has fascinated a lot of choreographers, dance makers and dancers. What is defining the communication between the one who dances and the one who watches? In the last century the gaze of the audience is seduced, triggered, directed and manipulated by choreographers.

Choreographer Eszter Salamon questions the power of the gaze of the dancer and audience, and at the same time she questions the performative body. Is what we see what we get? Is the body a construction of our desire or our fears? What do we expoe by exposing our body to the gaze of someone else?

Eszter Salamon is active as both dancer and choreographer and her works appear frequently in theatres and venues in Europe, the US and in Asia. For Cullbergbaletten, she has recreated her work Reproduction from 2004.

Eszter Salamon has created solos such as What a Body You Have, Honey (2001) and Giszelle (2001) in collaboration with Xavier Le Roy. Salamon has also created Magyar Tàncok (2005) with Hungarian folk dancers and musicians. Nvsbl (2006), a choreography for film in collaboration with Bojana Cvejic, AND THEN (2007), and together with Arantxa Martinez, concert performance Without You I Am Nothing (2007) with Lukas Minkus and Ramon Pozo. Dance #1/Driftworks (2008), in collaboration with Christine De Smedt, Voice Over (2009), a piece ordered and interpreted by Christina Rizzo, Dance for Nothing (2010) and together with Peter Böhm, Bojana Cvejic and Cédric Dambrain Tales of the Bodiless (2011).

Reproduction (2015)

Duration 65 minutes, no intermission
Dancers 8 dancers


: Eszter Salamon

Set Design & Costume: Eszter Salamon

Music: Fugazi, Target, Dischord Music USA

Lighting Design: Fredrik Rydehäll

The versatility, technique and performance skills of the dancers are amazing. The statement in itself -masculinity and femininity are fluent terms, all formed by cliches and all in the eye of the beholder- is full of complex implications.

De Volkskrant

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