Jonatan Leandoer Håstad/Yung Lean


Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden

The tale of Yung Lean is as unassuming as it is wildly exploratory, a contradictory narrative about a misfit stranger from Stockholm who became a worldwide phenomenon – a protracted and at times grievous metamorphosis from pubertal, post-internet novelty to D.I.Y icon with an extensive, organic influence over anything and everything from off-beat art projects and mainstream culture alike. Originating with a nomadic upbringing in Vietnam and Belarus via secretly experimenting and recording in a highschool computer lab to first hand encounters of the triumphs and tragedies of rockstar hyperbole, the mere four years have passed since Ginseng Strip 2002 saw the light of day. It has set him off on a seemingly genreless and open minded dispatch into the past, present and future of pop culture, an alternate reality where early internet aesthetics, late 90’s southern rap and a punk mindset all fused perfectly together.The momentum born from the gentle, abstract touch of his first tracks were swiftly embodied by Kyoto, electrified by Yoshi City deconstructed again via Hoover and then re-animated by Hennesy & Sailor Moon; emerging each time perhaps not rejuvenated but in many ways re invented, his trademark lethargic flow and singular lyrical content elevated and seamlessly integrated with GUD and Yung Shermans’s resourceful and labelfree sonic scenery. Soon to be 22 years of age, the past years have been huge for Yung Lean; besides kicking off with the independently released, eclectic album Warlord in 2016 and embarking on a sold out world tour, it also saw him featured on Frank Ocean’s Blonde, star in Calvin Klein’s #mycal-vins campaign, launch his own Sadboys Gear brand, co-design a sneaker for Eytys and drop a full length punk album together with GUD as Död Mark – to name a few highlights. Last year Yung Lean released Stranger, his 4th studio album project that was followed by an extensive world tour. The collaboration with Eleanor Bauer and Cullbergbaletten is his first commissioned work.