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Marcus Lindeen to direct a short film with Cullberg

Award-winning director Marcus Lindeen makes a film of associated artist, choreographer Deborah Hay's new work Horse, the solos for Cullberg. The short film Dear Dancer depicts the work prior to the premiere, and was shot at Dansens Hus and in various other locations in Stockholm during March and April, 2021. The film is expected to be ready during autumn 2021, premiere date yet to be decided. Dear Dancer is produced in collaboration between Fasad and Cullberg, with thanks to Dansens Hus.

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New premiere dates

Deborah Hay’s Horse, the solos premiered at Dansens Hus, Stockholm in March to an empty auditorium. The premiere for an audience, will happen on September 29, at Stora Teatern, Gothenburg. Mountains by Jefta van Dinther will premiere at Dansens Hus, Stockholm May 20-22. Subject to change.

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More of Cullberg on SVT

Cullberg participates in SVT’s new format Hemmakultur, where several Swedish creators have made new works. Dance, poetry, and art. Cullberg’s contribution is a short film based on Jefta van Dinther’s new solo work, created with Suelem de Oliveira da Silva.

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New podcast episode: Cullberg Talks with Aygül Kabaca and Anna Adeniji

This time artistic director Gabriel Smeets meets Aygül Kacaba and Anna Adeniji, workshop leaders in the field of equality, diversity and anti-racism, to talk about the whiteness of Sweden’s cultural institutions, particularly in the performing arts. What are their experiences? Where are the problems and the bottlenecks? What needs to be done, and how?

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