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Great reviews for On Earth I'm Done: Mountains

“It is totally magic”, P1 Kultur, SR, Cecilia Blomberg

“A lone dancer moves in the large space around and on the fabric. “Mountains” is Van Dinther’s first solo for Cullberg, created in collaboration with dancer Suelem de Oliveira da Silva. And she really has no problem filling the big stage herself. With a fascinating mix of softness and strength, she both controls and follows her own body.”, DN, Maina Arvas

“It is a journey into the unknown interior – in search of a (spiritual) core – that stuns, captures and fascinates.”, SvD, Anna Ångström

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Special edition Cullberg Talks: Small Talks on Explorations of Now

In a series of short podcast episodes, Cullberg’s dancer Benjamin Pohlig meets people on and behind the scenes of the collaborative project Explorations of Now in the Orlången nature reserve, August 12-15, 19-22. New episodes Thursday to Sunday through August 22.

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Cullberg to film in Jönköping

Cullberg dancers Anand Bolder, Louise Dahl and Vincent Van der Plas  participate in an interactive regional film project in Jönköping. Filming starts September 1.

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