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Privacy Policy

Cullberg is a part of Riksteatern, reg. no 802006-1365, (“Cullberg”, ”Riksteatern”, ”we”) is the data controller and responsible for the processing of personal data, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as GDPR). This policy is applicable from 25 May 2018 when the GDPR enters into force.
The GDPR enforces your rights in regards to your personal integrity. It is important to us that you feel safe with our processing of your personal data.

The data controller
The controller is the person who, according to the GDPR, is primarily responsible for the processing of personal data, which in this case is Riksteatern, reg. no 802006-1365 with address 145 83 Norsborg.

Cullberg/Riksteatern also processes personal data on behalf of, and together with, respective association of Riksteatern. For a record of these associations, see appendix 1.Personal data and processing of personal dataPersonal data means any information which directly or indirectly can be related to an identified or identifiable natural person. This means that the following information counts as personal data: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, IP address, photos etc.

Cullberg/Riksteatern also process online identifiers such as IP addresses, MAC addresses or equivalent provided by webpage visitors through their computer, tablet or mobile phone. The data is anonymised by Google Analytics and we only analyse the information which has been aggregated into different categories.



Agreements and other commitments
Cullberg/Riksteatern’s purpose with processing your personal data is primarily to fulfil our obligations towards you and our obligations due to other commitments. The legal basis for this processing is the fulfilment of an agreement.

Personal Data
Personal data that Cullberg/Riksteatern processes for the entering into agreements is: name, identification number (if relevant for the agreement), address, e-mail address, phone number, photos (if relevant) and possibly additional information in accordance with what is set out in applicable agreements or what is considered standard industry practice. The personal data that Cullberg/Riksteatern processes is mainly collected directly from you or in connection with the signing of an agreement or through other contact with you. In addition, we may collect personal data in the form of opinions regarding competence and working ability when we are in contact with your references. We may also, depending on the type of agreement, collect public data from public authorities, banks and credit reporting agencies.

Retention period
Cullberg/Riksteatern will normally keep your personal data for a maximum period required for the purpose it was collected for or if it is necessary in order to fulfil any other purpose that does not contradict the purpose for which it was first collected. The retention period varies depending on the contractual obligation and any potential related legal obligation. Normally, the data is erased two years after the agreement has been terminated.
If the result of the agreement was the participation in a production, the personal data regarding the production will, after the termination of the agreement, be processed according to legitimate interest where the legitimate interest of Cullberg/Riksteatern is to provide and present cultural experiences for a long period of time. Furthermore, Cullberg/Riksteatern must comply with the Swedish Archives Act which means that some information must be preserved.



Apply for employment/commitment or role at Cullberg/Riksteatern
When you apply for employment or a role at Cullberg/Riksteatern, we process your personal data only for the purpose you have provided them for. The legal basis for this processing is the fulfilment of an agreement and preparation for entering into such agreement.

Personal data
We will process the data that you provide to us or to our recruitment partner, including your resumé, your cover letter, grades, certificates and other information. Furthermore, we will save any notes from interviews, conversations with your references and results from auditions or personality tests.
The personal data may be shared with people who work at companies that Cullberg/Riksteatern work together with within the recruitment sector, theatre and dancing sector and security industry, and any suppliers that provide our systems. These companies may process your personal data in regards to detailed assessments of you or background checks. Cullberg/Riksteatern will only disclose information to such suppliers who comply with our instructions of processing in regards to your personal data.

Retention period
Cullberg/Riksteatern retain applications for a maximum period of 2 years after the recruitment period has ended. During the first 12 months of that period the legal basis for such processing is the fulfilment of an agreement, connected to applicable discrimination legislation. After the initial 12 month period and up to 2 years, as well as for spontaneous applications when those are directly sent to us, processing is carried out for Cullberg/Riksteatern’s legitimate interest to administer the recruitment for the organisation and competence provision. You may, regardless of whether it is a spontaneous application or an application for a specific employment or role, at any time request to have your personal data erased.



Employment/commitment at Cullberg/Riksteatern
The purpose with the processing is to fulfil Cullberg/Riksteatern’s obligations to you and to public authorities and other stakeholders. The legal basis for employment or similar assignments is primarily the fulfilment of an agreement.

Personal data
We will process personal data that you yourself share with us, such as name, personal identification number, address, phone number (for employment agreements), your résumé, your personal letter and other information that you provide for us before and during your employment. We will also process notes regarding employment and salary discussions, results from personality tests, completed educations and competence investments and information about closest relatives.

Retention period
Employee’s personal data is kept for a period necessary in order to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected or as required in accordance with applicable legislation.

Information regarding health, competence profiles, completed performance reviews etc. will be saved only for the period such information is relevant. Data will be deleted one year after terminated employment at the latest.

If the result of the employment included participation in a production, the personal data regarding the production, will after the termination of the agreement be processed according to legitimate interest where Cullberg/Riksteatern’s legitimate interest is to provide and present cultural experiences for a longer time period. Furthermore, Cullberg/Riksteatern must comply with the Swedish Archives Act which means that some information must be preserved.

If you have been engaged with us, for example under a freelancing assignment or temporary employment, and may come back, we will store your personal user data in our IT-systems up to 5 years after the assignment ended.



Statistics, invites, marketing and communication
The purpose of the processing of personal data is for Cullberg/Riksteatern to be able to analyse information, both generally and targeted, about current customers, suppliers, members, visitors, stakeholders, trustees and collaborators. Personal data will also be used for surveys, adaptations, invites to events and to answer questions and otherwise answer your questions or concerns. The legal basis for such processing is legitimate interest which consists of Cullberg/Riksteatern’s requirements to follow up matters and to market/communicate our business as well as to be effective in our purchases and procurements.

In cases when Cullberg/Riksteaternprocesses personal data for statistical purposes such as analysis in regards to marketing, visits, memberships, suppliers and customers the data is anonymised after the compilation of the material. The legal basis for the processing is legitimate interest which constitutes Cullberg/Riksteaterns need for analysing and developing our services and business.

Personal data
Primarily the personal data is collected directly from you. Personal data that we process is name and contact information and role. In addition, we may process other personal data which we already have access to due to an agreement or any other legitimate interest. In addition we collect personal data continuously from public sources as well as private and public registers, public web pages etc. If personal contact is made, Cullberg/Riksteatern collects other personal data that you choose to provide us with.

Retention period
The personal data will be deleted 14 months after the latest contact or immediately upon request from you to be erased from our systems.Proposal of productions Cullberg/Riksteatern also processes personal data that is connected to proposals of productions/performances provided to us. The legal basis for such processing is legitimate interest which is Cullberg/Riksteatern’s requirements for being part of the cultural world and encourages external persons to be involved in and contribute to the process.

Personal data
The personal data that is processed is name, contact details and descriptions of relevant competence connected to the proposed production. If you have been mentioned in a proposal regarding a production you will be notified by us.Retention periodThe retention period of the proposals of productions is 5 years from when the proposal was provided to us if the proposal has not resulted in a production or a planned production.



Cullberg/Riksteatern has implemented security measures to protect your personal data against unlawful or unauthorised processing. Only those who need access to your personal data for the fulfilment of Cullberg/Riksteatern’s purposes stated above will be given access to your data.



Who may Cullberg/Riksteatern share your personal data with?
Cullberg/Riksteatern engage several suppliers for services regarding IT, media, logistics, hotels, car rental services etc. Cullberg/Riksteatern may share your personal data with these supplies to be able to, in co-operation with them, offer services which are important for our business and our obligations towards you. When your personal data is shared with a company that is independently considered to be the controller of their processing of personal data, that company’s privacy policy is applicable. Cullberg/Riksteatern may also share your personal data with collaborators within the theatre and dancing sector and other cultural organizations within the context for such collaborations and co-productions.

All suppliers that process personal data on our assignment are considered to be so called processors. A processor is a company or an authority that processes personal data on someone else’s behalf. In such cases Cullberg/Riksteatern uses processors Cullberg/Riksteatern will sign agreements with the supplier ensuring that they comply with Cullberg/Riksteatern’s instructions for processing.



Your rights
You have the right to, free of charge, request information concerning what personal data Cullberg/Riksteatern processes and for which purposes. Such request is a so called request of access.

You may request rectification of any inaccuracies with regards to your personal data, a so called “right to rectification”, if the personal data turns out to be incorrect.

You also have the right to have your personal data erased from all of Cullberg/Riksteatern’s systems in some cases, for example if there is no longer a purpose with the processing of personal data. According to applicable legislation, this is called “the right to be forgotten”.
Cullberg/Riksteatern has the right to refuse your request regarding erasure of personal data if there are agreements or legal obligations which prevents the request from being carried out for instance obligations under accounting or tax legislations. When the legal obligation has ceased to exist the personal data will be deleted. Please note that Cullberg/Riksteatern is subject to the Swedish Archives Act which means that we have an obligation to preserve information regarding our business that may be of public interest and used as material for future research purposes.

You have the right to request limitation of the processing of your personal data if:
1. you question the accuracy of the personal data
2. the processing of personal data is unlawful and you want to request limitation of processing of your personal data rather than having the information erased
3. personal data is no longer required for the purposes for which it has been processed but you need it for establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims; or
4. you have objected to the processing performed due to legitimate interest.

Restriction of processing of information means that the information is continuously stored but not further processed by us without your consent.
You have the right to request to receive your information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, when the information was provided by you for the purpose of fulfilling our agreement with you or when you have given your consent.

If you have given us your consent you have the right to withdraw such consent. When you withdraw your consent the processing carried out on the basis of your consent will cease and personal data which has been collected on the legal basis of your consent will be erased if it is not required for any other purpose for which Cullberg/Riksteatern processes your personal data.

If you wish to exercise one or more of your rights in accordance with the above you may contact us at or on the address provided below.



What does the Data Protection Agency do and when should you contact them?
The Data Protection Agency (Sw. “Datainspektionen”) is responsible for monitoring the application of the data protection legislation. Someone who considers the processing of personal data by a company/organisation/authority to be incorrect may always submit a claim to the Data Protection Agency.
Contact information to the Data Protection Agency is available at



Do you have questions regarding our policy?
This integrity policy was updated 24 May 2018. Cullberg/Riksteatern may make changes in this privacy policy. The latest version will always be found at If we carry through material changes which may affect you in regards to how Cullberg/Riksteatern processes your personal data you will also receive information about the changes by e-mail. The information will be available in good time (30 days) before the update starts to apply.
You may always direct your questions to