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Exposure is an affective study of the nude, by the Swiss / Greek choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis in collaboration with...Read more

While in battle I’m free, never free to rest

Cullberg presents a meeting between the dancers of the Swedish dance company Cullberg and dancers from the...Read more

Pop Up with Cullberg

Since 2019 Cullberg has entered the streets and appeared on open spaces with different pop up performances....Read more


Sylphs are ethereal beings with the power to shape-shift. Rougher, rawer and louder than humans, sylphs have...Read more


The meeting between dance and music, voice and rhythm, is central in Alma Söderberg’s new work Noche,...Read more

On Earth I’m Done: Islands

After creating two large scale productions for Cullberg the past years, Jefta van Dinther returns as Associated...Read more

Horse, the solos

Strongly affected by climate change and the current world situation, especially in America, Deborah Hays new work...Read more

The Listeners

The collaboration between Cullberg and Swedish choreographer Alma Söderberg became a new adventure as Söderberg, after gathering...Read more


“In the end, as a spectator you think you know the dancers personally. It is this closeness,...Read more