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Cullberg Talks

Cullberg Talks gives space to backstage conversations by interesting people from the field. Once a month, starting autumn 2020, artistic director Gabriel Smeets brings two guests together to share insights, experiences, and bustling discussions on dance and art, getting the global dance world a little bit closer. A new episode of Cullberg Talks will be released monthly. Cullbergs Talks is available on all podcast platsforms.

“We wish to meet our audiences on different platforms, increase and deepen the dialogue. We want to present several different voices from the contemporary field and enable an increased understanding and knowledge about contemporary dance”, says Stina Dahlström Managing Director Cullberg.

All episodes.

28 April, 2021: Aygül Kabaca and Anna Adeniji
3 March, 2021: Louise Dahl and Unn Faleide
8 December, 2020: Johannes Öhman and Anna Efraimsson
28 October, 2020: Stina Dahlström and Jérôme Bel
29 September, 2020: Sylvie Gehin Karlsson and Mohamed Y. Shika
9 April, 2020: Dana Michel and Jane Hopper
9 March, 2020:  Stefan Hilterhaus and Gabriel Smeets
December, 2019: Suelem de Oliveira da Silva and Jefta van Dinther
November, 2019: Alma Söderberg and Gabriel Smeets