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Elin Hallqvist

Dancer, apprentice

Birthplace: Lund, Sweden

Elin Hallqvist (she/her) is a dance artist from Lund, Sweden. She started training in her hometown and continued in Härnösand. Currently she is finishing the Bachelor Dance Artist at ArtEZ University of the Arts in the Netherlands, graduating in 2024. Through her education she has worked with choreographers such as Dunja Jocic, Maciej Kuźmiński, Jean Abreu and Israel Aloni, among others.

Together with Rodrigo Loureiro, she was part of the online festival #10duets10days# 2023, organized by Bobbi Lo Produktion. They also took part in Café Theater Festival 2023 with their duet SAPIENS SAPIENS.

Elin is interested in exploring the potential of being (a body). Her creative work is a serious yet spontaneous play, often with elements of humor and vulnerability. For her, dance is a reminder of our inherent capacity to transform and embody the forms we desire in any given moment.

Elin is joining Cullberg as an apprentice for the season 2023/2024.