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Anna Grip to leave Cullberg Ballet next summer

“Different organizations call for different tasks at different times. In my role as Artistic Director at Cullberg Ballet I have endeavoured to develop and manage the company at the same time – that has been my task. Cullberg Ballet has had a long and strong history without me and will have a long and strong future without me. I have tried to open doors to the future. In order to get the recruitment process going now, I am choosing to make this announcement at this time, eight months before I go,” Anna Grip says.

Anna Grip came to Cullberg Ballet in 2006 as Ensemble Manager. In the summer of 2008 she took over as Acting Artistic Director when Johan Inger left, and since January 2010 she has been the company’s Artistic Director.

During her time at Cullberg Ballet, Anna Grip has invited several choreographers to create works for both the big and small stage. She has also broadened the work of the company to include site-specific works and works for settings other than the traditional stage. Under Grip’s management, the company has taken steps to invest in future generations of dancers, choreographers and audiences, and today it offers places on a training programme to students including those in their final year.

Anna Grip and the Operations Manager for Riksteatern Mia Larsson are available for interviews.

For further information and interview bookings please contact:
Erica Espling
Marketing and Press Manager at Cullberg Ballet
+46-70-602 27 01

Cullberg Ballet
Cullberg Ballet has performed all over the world and is an important element in the international presentation of Swedish culture. The company also engages in national outreach through its tours within Sweden. The company collaborates with a variety of national and international choreographers and performing artists who create works for large as well as small stages. Cullberg Ballet’s activities encompass projects and productions including site specific appearances and collaboration with dance training programs. Anna Grip is the company’s artistic director. Cullberg Ballet was founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967 under the auspices of Riksteatern. The company currently has 16 dancers from nearly as many countries. Since its inception, the stage personalities and technical strength of its dancers have been Cullberg Ballet’s defining characteristics. Cullberg Ballet is part of Riksteatern, Sweden’s National Touring Theatre.