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Cullbergbaletten and Index – The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation in collaboration

Cullbergbaletten and Index gallery invites the audience to open talks on dance. Premiere for the new series Cullberg Talks Thursday 28 April at 18:00, Index, Kungsbro Strand 19, Stockholm 

Critical reflection on their work has become an indispensable element of the practice of contemporary dancers. Issues include the function of dance as an art form, dance among the other art forms, dancers’ skills, authorship, the body as an archive and training. These questions are part of the ongoing discussion among dancers, inside and outside the studio. Ultimately this questions the role of the body, choreography as social organization, and life itself.

Cullberg Talks is a new series to discuss dance with the public. Three times per year, organized in collaboration with Index, dancers of Cullbergbaletten talk with scholars from the professional field and the audience. It’s a place for dancers’ talks. The first talk will be about “work”, together with philosopher, dance and theater researcher, dramatist and teacher Bojana Kunst. The discussion will be hosted by Cullbergbaletten’s dancers Samuel Draper, Katie Jacobson and Daniel Sjökvist. Further events are planned for August and November 2016.

The talks will be held in English.

Cullbergbaletten has performed all over the world and is an important element in the international presentation of Swedish culture. The company also engages in national outreach through its tours within Sweden. The company collaborates with a variety of national and international choreographers and performing artists who create works for large as well as small stages. Cullbergbaletten activities encompass projects and productions including site specific appearances and collaboration with dance training programs. Cullbergbaletten was founded by Birgit Cullberg in 1967 under the auspices of Riksteatern. The company currently has 16 dancers from nearly as many countries. Since its inception, the stage personalities and technical strength of its dancers have been Cullbergbaletten defining characteristics. Cullbergbaletten is part of Riksteatern, Sweden’s National Touring Theatre. Gabriel Smeets is the artistic director of Cullbergbaletten.