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Grants to Lisa Drake and Alexandra Campbell

Lisa Drake
With an ever-growing passion and a great knowledge within the dance field, Lisa Drake takes both
herself and the dancers of Cullberg Ballet to new insights and possibilities. As a dancer, and not least as a rehearsal director, she contributes to the company’s high artistic level. In addition to this, Lisa is an excellent ambassador for dance, Cullberg Ballet, and Riksteatern, and she inspires existing as well as new admirers of the art of dance. Lisa Drake is a worthy recipient of the Hans Ullberg Grant. Hans Ullberg was Riksteatern’s (The Swedish National Touring Theatre, of which Cullberg Ballet has been a part since 1967) first Managing Director, during the years 1958-1982.

Alexandra Campbell
With great curiosity and a solid experience, Alexandra embodies the old as well as the new. As a
colleague and a co worker she serves as a great role model. She maintains and refines the older repertoire and at the same time, she is much sought after by the contemporary choreographers. She dances from strenght to strenght, with the capability to create her own space, both as a dancer and as a choreographer. Alexandra Campbell is a worthy recipient of the Riksteatern grant.

For more information; please contact:
Erica Espling
PR Manager Cullberg Ballet
+46-70-602 27 01